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Online Payments & Kiosks Go Online

HARRISBURG, PA – A revolution is about to take place across Harrisburg as city leaders turn high-tech to save money and make life easier for residents.

Beginning this July, two state-of-the-art, computerized payment kiosks will go online. The move will allow residents the opportunity to pay utility fees, traffic fines, and property taxes without mailing in checks or waiting in lines inside City Hall. Instead, individuals can make payments online, or through one new electronic kiosk set to appear outside the Treasurer’s Office. Another remote kiosk will be placed in Kline Village. It is hoped that a third will appear later this year in Uptown.

The new kiosks, provided by EZ Pay Corporate of Denver CO., will save the city at least $80,000 a year and make life easier for residents, city staffers and visitors.

Best of all, the installation and equipment will not cost taxpayers once cent.

“I think this is a great opportunity for the City of Harrisburg and other municipalities to take services that are traditionally concentrated in a city hall and move them to other locations to make them more accessible,” said Harrisburg City Treasurer John Campbell. “There are people who don’t have vehicles or find parking difficult downtown, so if they could make a payment at the local grocery store, that helps the City’s cash flow and provides a great convenience to our residents.”

“The kiosk system will save the city at least $80,000, by eliminating the credit card fees currently absorbed by the City”, Campbell said.

Better still, the kiosk and online systems give residents options beyond standing in line at City Hall.

The two new kiosks will be located at:  Giant Food Stores, 136 Kline Village, Harrisburg PA, and just outside the Treasurer’s Office at the Martin Luther King Jr. City Government Center, 10 North Second Street, Harrisburg PA.

Residents can also make payments by calling 888.243.3456 or visiting the new online portal at  It is anticipated that the online portal will be integrated into the City’s website and accessible via a soon to be launched City Treasurer’s website this later this summer.

“The kiosk system means you don’t have to drive to City Hall to make payments,” Campbell said. “People will be able to pay online or at a kiosk directly. It is a major step in showing that our city is making progress and is a leader in utilizing revolutionary technology to expand City services beyond the walls of City Hall, increase cash flows, and identify areas where expenses can be reduced.”

Campbell, who was elected Treasurer in 2011 on a platform of accessibility, said the kiosk and online system fits with his plan to upgrade the City’s infrastructure.

“Currently, the only way you can make a payment is through automatic debit, visiting City Hall or via mail, which is inconvenient for a lot of people,” Campbell said. “We looked at ways to expand City services beyond City Hall and make them more accessible.”

The EZ Pay Corporate system is already online in both Bucks and Adams counties, as well as in communities across the nation. Officials in both counties have praised the high-tech solution with raising revenues and making monetary transactions simple and carefree.

“Cities like Harrisburg are looking out for their constituents,” said Paul Talbot, President of EZ Pay Corporate. “They understand that the clients they serve are working people, who don’t always have time to make payments during business hours.”

Talbot said the kiosk has limitless potential to make government cost-effective and efficient.

“The benefits don’t end with tax payments or parking fees,” Talbot said. “The same system can be used for municipalities to collect on DUIs, building permits, child support payments and even dog licenses. EZ Pay Corporate provides a comprehensive solution that assists the municipality in collecting a number of different revenue streams through one integrated system. Our services give constituents different payment options, be it paying a fee after city offices are closed or using a credit card online from a person’s home. The kiosk can do it all. Our goal is to generate revenues for cities and counties. We can do it fast and we can do it 24/7.”

Campbell is eager to see how the high-tech upgrades can best be utilized in Harrisburg and is interested in finding new ways to expand access to City services, while reducing the City’s expenses.

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